Three years.

Three years of marriage has gone by so fast! Since we'll be spending most of our next year in China, I'm especially glad that we got to spend extra time in the area. We had the best time celebrating our anniversary at the Highland Springs Resort (Cherry Valley, CA). Even though throughout this weekend I was waking up early and staying up late working a presentation for grad school, the whole weekend was so relaxing. I felt like we had stumbled upon a rustic oasis in the middle of nowhere. Our little cottage room was simple (no TV, no blowdryer), but it was so refreshing and felt like we were finally disconnected from the city. The lavender festival was going on at the same time, so we sipped lavender margs (I could drink those all day long), lavender lattes, and lavender lemonade while listening to live classical music, ate lavender-marinated brisket on the tree-surrounded picnic tables, and I even rewarded my hard school work with a scoop of lavender-honey ice cream. We woke up early to stroll through the lavender fields, brunched on pastries and coffee in the bar overlooking the fields, lounged poolside, and had filet mignon and cake ordered from Martha Green's (some of the best cake you'll ever have). I still can't believe that Highland Springs is only 30 minutes away from my hometown, and I had never known about it. This place will definitely be added to our list of local favorites.