shanghai studio.

if i had to sum up what i've learned about life in China so far,
it would be:
let go of your expectations.
prior to coming to Shanghai, we planned on renting a two-bedroom apartment in Pudong (the suburban area of Shanghai), right next to my school.
instead, we'll be living in a studio villa (all we could afford) right off one of the most popular streets in Shanghai in the former French concession.
and this place feels like it was made for us.
(i've secretly always wanted to live in a studio).
(but dave is not so secretly a hoarder, so normally, studio living would not be an option).
newly renovated, with its own entrance on its own floor (practically an impossibility in the city of high rises and walk-ups), a gracious landlady, two minutes from the subway station, a Protestant church down the street, tree-lined streets, authentic local eateries, and according to guides, some of the city's best nightlife.
as one of my classmate's put it, after a long day of teaching, it's nice to have someplace that you love to come home to.
so hello new home.
we're happy to have you.