One of those days.

Today is one of those days.
One of those, "hey kids, i'm going to show you a few problems, then you're going to be quiet and do this worksheet" kind of days.
One of those days when my head isn't all all here, this migraine just won't go away, and i'm fighting to keep my eyes open, and all I really want is to be able to take nap in my always-slightly-damp bed (what is it with the moisture here, China?) until Dave comes home. Upon which I will forget that I have homework to do and midterms to make, and we will sip on mojitos at the Shanghai Brewery with all the other expats and then go home and watch Nashville.

It's one of those resting days.
So many days I just want to get. things. done.
Today is a quiet day. A breather day. A walk to Starbucks and enjoy the sunshine day.
The truth is, sometimes I need one of those days.
As much as I love the process of working, I think it's healthy to put in on the back burner sometimes.
So I'm taking a break to send some long overdue emails, listen to Mumford (gosh, how good is the new album?), go home early, and skype with my pup.
All that work? it'll still be here tomorrow.