Oh boy.

this upcoming Thanksgiving dinner may be the highlight of my month.
yes, i'm working on my lit review.
yes, i'm still doing my pilates workouts.
yes, i know that there are more important things to think about. 
but the only words going through my brain right now are BROWN BUTTER. CANDIED BACON. PUMPKIN PIE. FREE FLOW WINE.
it's embarrassing how many times i've texted dave a countdown to our thanksgiving dinner.
like, hourly.

i know the absence of family and friends (thank God for Dave!) will hit me like a rock on thanksgiving, so i'm especially thankful for something to look forward to.
we've hosted the past two thanksgiving dinners, and i still love perusing for recipes (some eats i would be making if i were hosting thanksgiving: mains, sides, and treats to take home).
 but this year, it'll be a refreshing change to just show up for our reservation.
hooray for an international thanksgiving celebration!