a candle for each season.

I have a candle for each season. This was unintentionally and on purpose. Unintentionally because I don't normally buy candles in advance for the entire year, but I wasn't sure where I'd find Voluspa candles in China. On purpose because, being the planny person that I am, I took note of the burn time of each candle, counted the number of weeks, and then calculated approximately how long each candle would last. About three months. So I bought a 3-pack of said candles at Nordstrom's half-yearly sale, and a miniature one just for good measure: 1. in case I undercalculated, 2. because I love anything miniature, and 3. because Karli took me to the cutest stationary store in Culver City, and I couldn't walk away empty-handed.

What I've learned from this is: There's special something for each season. You let it light up the room, you breathe in smell of Pink Citron or Mokara. You enjoy it for a good few months. You use it up. And when it burns out, that's ok. You've got another good thing coming.