fighting words.

I made this as a reminder for myself more anything. It was an assignment for the Illustrator 101 class that I'm taking, but keep it as my desktop background, and I repeat it to myself every time I log into my computer.

I've never needed this reminder more than I do right now. Because right now is hard. Like, it feels like there is so much that is wrong with my world right now, kind of hard. Earlier this year was a season of perpetual gratefulness. Gratitude for the little things got me through the day. Now, that's not enough. It's a new season. It's a season for strength and bravery and courage. Fighting words.

I'm terrified about what this time of my life means, and I'm terrified about the future.

I hope that I can look back on this season and see that I didn't back down or give up. I pushed. I fought. I wiped away the sweat. I persevered. I risked. I didn't look back. I hope that I can look back and see that I wasn't alone. That there was an army behind me and around me and above me.

But right now, this mantra is all. Be strong. And courageous.