a week in paris (via my iphone).

//Versailles by day, wedding by night//

//the clouds matched the garden!//

//the freshest produce at the Versailles market//

//my favorite garden in Versailles//

//a chocolate themed reunion brunch//

//the best place in the world to celebrate four years//


//bests and the newly engaged couple//

//my favorite view//

//buckets and buckets of peonies, my favorite//

//picnic part I on the Seine before picnic part II at the Eiffel Tower//

//ahh, Montmarte//

//piggy latte for breakfast//

I'm feeling nostalgic about Paris even though it's only been a couple months since I was there. It's the city of so many memories and emotions for me, sadness and heartbreak and beauty and love.

Paris is the most beautiful place in the world to cry, and the most romantic place in the world to kiss. 

I would spend part of every summer in Paris if I could. Even though there is a big, wide world of places to visit, I'll never get tired of spending those long summer days in the city of lights.