shifting gears (23 weeks).

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This pregnancy is flying by. Actually, these months are flying by. It blows my mind that we're almost halfway through the year and that I'm more than halfway through my pregnancy. With each passing week, I've felt the need to be more and more intentional about this pre-newborn time. We're looking ahead to our birth plan right now – I use the term "plan" loosely – we're fully cognizant of the fact that 

anything can happen

. I spent the first half of my pregnancy: 1. half-trying to disguise fact that I was pregnant (hello, job-hunting), 2. loafing around on the couch trying to convince myself that if I could just focus a little harder, I could actually be productive, and 3. eating all the Mexican food I could get ahold of. Now that the reality of this baby is starting to sink in, with more frequent kicks and movement, I'm starting to shift gears, slowly. 

We recently reserved a spot in a

Bradley Method class

, and I couldn't be more excited about this.

The Bradley Method

came highly recommended and so did

this class

in particular. Learning more about the different approaches to childbirth, this method resonated the strongest with me because of its emphasis on holistic wellness (nutrition, fitness, meditation) and husband-coaching. Knowing that there will probably be some crazy times ahead, I'm especially thankful for this opportunity to be intentional about practicing self-care and growing closer together as a couple. Even though we don't start our class until June, just learning a little bit about what the Bradley Method entails has pushed me to take inventory of our lifestyle habits.

For a few weeks recently, we were eating out almost every night, and it was exhausting and frustrating. I felt incredibly unhealthy and frustrated that we were hemorrhaging money on something that made me feel so ungrounded and out of balance. So we started a 

CSA subscription

 to a

local, organic farm

, which we are loving. It's a commitment, but I feel great about the cause we're supporting and its role in furthering our health. Our goal is less frozen, more fresh; less takeout, and more veggies. I still need my  Panda Express fix every once in awhile, but overall, I've felt 


 with this change in diet and consumption. Cooking is time-consuming, but I feel so accomplished having whipped up a meal from scratch. On the same note, I've started a 

pregnancy journal

 to keep track of what I'm consuming, especially protein & sugar-wise. 

I'll be the first to admit that I was a lazy bum for the first trimester of this pregnancy. I wasn't ever nauseous, but the 


 killed me. Now that we're much more settled into our new place, Dave and I have made it a priority to take advantage of all the amenities our complex has to offer: complimentary yoga/pilates classes, saltwater pools, hiking/walking trails, and tennis courts. I especially love the 

yoga class

 I've been going to where the instructor went out of his way to make sure I had modified poses, and the long night walks that we take around the complex have been good for the soul, too.

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{the things we make this little guy go through}

The last gear shift for me has been the most difficult: 

learning to embrace rest

. Dave jokes that when I'm cranky, he should either feed me or make me take a nap, and there's more truth to that than I'd like to admit. I've struggling the most with wanting to do more, more, more and embracing the days that I have off to re-center, recalibrate, and just rest. As much as I want to work like crazy, the days that I have off in the middle of the week provide me with so much balance. I'm learning to embrace the downtime, anticipating that in just 4 months, I won't have many more of these wake-up-late, sip-coffee-on-the-patio-all-morning, do-whatever-I-want kind of days. We've been a lot better at keeping our weekends low-key and plan-free for the most part. I usually go into the weekend thinking about all the errands I need to run and all the fun things there are to do, but 

too much of a good thing is not a good thing

. Sometimes, time to catch up on a


, pore over a


, or just hang out with my boys, no agenda, is just what I need on my calendar.

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{Sunday family walk}

We're taking baby steps towards being more intentional with our time, money, and health, and I like where we're heading.