our summer love.

Pool 070114

This is our last summer as just Dave and Ruth.

I want to soak it all in, just the two of us preparing to be parents. It seems so fitting that this season of our lives would come to a close in summer when, 5 years ago, we started our season of forever togetherness on a warm and breezy July day in North San Diego. And just like at our wedding, we’ve been showered in love by our family and friends, so supported as we take the next step together.

Summer is the dreamiest with its glowing, cotton candy sunsets, sparkling blue pool water, warm sand beaches. I want to live it up. Hang my legs in the jacuzzi, sipping on sparkling water until the pool closes. Go for spontaneous late nights runs to the grocery store for Jeni’s ice cream. Long walks at dusk. Beach bonfires with s’mores every weekend. Krispy Kreme drive-through donut runs. Sharing a bowl of the tiniest, sweetest, organic strawberries with a bowl of homemade vanilla bean whipped cream on our patio like it’s our favorite restaurant, with twinkling globe lights and the breeze just barely coming in from the ocean, a little furry at my feet begging for one more strawberry. There’s nowhere else I’d rather be.

This is our summer, the summer of our growing (literally) love and expanding family.

The last summer of us two, and the first summer of us three.

I can’t wait for fall, for the cooler temperatures and the hot apple cider and the comfort foods that I’m sure I’ll so desperately need and want, and most of all, for the tiny, snuggly baby boy I’ll hold in my arms. This fall will, I’m sure, be a dream. But it’s just around the corner, and I want to hold onto every late summer night that I can.