it's (almost) moving day!

[my dad's loaded up truck, on the way to the airport]
gosh, we're so excited.
i hope that i can sleep tonight.
i've (re)packed our bags for tomorrow's move to the other side of town.
we're praying that there are no unexpected hiccups,
as there sometimes are,
especially when dealing with a completely different country's system.
God-willing, tomorrow at this time,
we'll be unpacked and settled in,
new residents of the former French Concession.

Ni Hao, Shanghai!

the year-long Shanghai adventure has officially begun!
not going to lie, I cried the first day here. and maybe the second day too... and the third. we felt so blessed to be sent off in prayer by our family and friends, but so sad that we had to say goodbye. things that made the initial transition even harder: 
not having a fur baby to cuddle with
not having a working VPN to keep in touch through facebook/instagram/blogs
the total absence of California sunshine.

but now that we've been here a few days, I think we've adapted a little bit.
we've had our first...
 xiao long bao 
metro/bus/taxi rides
sighting of babies who don't wear diapers (just pants with strategically-placed holes)
panda visit at the Shanghai zoo
stroll along the Bund
bootleg DVDs
Chinese Coffee Bean/Pizza Hut/McDonald's/Starbucks
apartment visits...
this week has been a whirlwind.
i'm so thankful that Dave and I have each other
and the most supportive family & friends we could ask for.
even though I oscillate between homesickness and awe,
i'm thankful to be here.
ni hao, Shanghai!