Watercolor in 30 Days.

So I failed miserably at the Whole30 challenge. Clearly I've been lacking in the whole self-care department for months now. If not food, then maybe art?


I pre-ordered Everyday Watercolor earlier this year, thinking it might help me turn around my creative dry spell. I mean, the only written words I've managed to eek out have been I'm so exhausted. And when every journal entry for weeks have started out that way, it's time for an injection of inspiration, ya know?

November, I'm coming at you with watercolors. I'm stocked up on supplies: cold-pressed paper, Princeton synthetic sable no. 2 brush, no. 6 brush, no. 16 brush, and a starter paint set. I have practice time scheduled (5 a.m. – it's fine) and my accountability partner, Instagram stories. If this isn't setting myself up for success, I don't know what is (#famouslastwords).




I splurged.

One of the art studios that I've been following for awhile – Parima Creative Studio – released a special Black Friday deal to subscribers. I just love so many of her pieces, and the fact that the one that is my favorite also shares the same name sealed the deal. I'm turning 3-0 in a couple weeks, and what better way to celebrate a new decade than with a great piece of art that's my namesake. I've felt like my 20s have been about growing into myself and learning to have the courage to like what I like without being unduly influenced by what others like, and this piece captures so much of what my style has grown into.

I love the balance of warmth and coolness – camel and black, white and slate blue and that so many of my favorite colors are incorporated – that minty blue-teal that is so coastal California, the soft plum, and the pops of fuchsia and red-orange (think Essie's Hiking Heels).

I bought this in the 24 x 24 canvas, which is the just-right size for a statement piece in our small space. It's part of a new color palette that I've been imagining for our place, as I try to put words to my style. Right now, I'm thinking that my dream house is a 'Contemporary Spanish Farmhouse,' but we'll see how that evolves. ;) I'll post pics as the items for our re-style trickle in. Use promo code ARTWKND20 for 20% off through the 28th, if you are interested in snagging a piece of your own.