Our new bed.

We've been in the market for a new bed since our little co-sleeper joined us. We currently have a queen size bed, but we've had it for years, and both the mattress (even though it's a Heavenly Bed) and headboard are due for an upgrade.

I came across this Nail Button Tufted Wingback Bed at Target.com, and loved the clean lines and linen look. I was originally going to go for the light gray, but after much internal debating, went with the white instead. I'll layer soft plum, deep indigo, and camel leather accents onto the white foundation. I took my sister-in-law's advice and waited for the elusive 40% discount, which dropped today! The king-sized bed ended up being $521.99 on sale. With the REDcard discount, handling, and taxes, the total came to $557.16. Not bad, especially considering a similar look at Restoration Hardware (below) would run me a minimum of $4,249.

All in all, I am very happy about this purchase, and hopeful that the bed won't disappoint when it arrives (right before baby's due date... eek!). Now on the hunt for a new mattress... I'm leaning towards this one, which is not the cheapest of mattresses, but the quality seems to be good, and nothing beats the convenience of ordering online. Plus, there's no tax and a 15-year warranty, so amortized over time, the cost comes down to about 29 cents/day. The gift of a good night's sleep (or at least the extent to which we can control that night's sleep) is the best gift we can give to ourselves these days.