Lately, December.

a few of my favorite instas from lately... is it obvious that i have a pup obsession?
it's getting cold in Shanghai, but the sun still shines every once in a while.
as long as I get the occasional puppy sighting, cappuccino, and sunny afternoon walk,
i am a pretty happy girl.
oh, and my thesis proposal is in! yippee!

Shanghai, lately.

Sometimes I wake up, and for a second, I forget that I'm in Shanghai.

That I live in



The place where men on bikes come down the alleyway at 6am ringing bells to collect cardboard.

The place with notoriously uncomfortable beds.

The place where you can get McDonald's delivered to your door in eight minutes.

The place where a tiny bag of candy corn costs 7 USD.

The place of easy breezy public transportation and awesome happy hours (complimentary filet mignon sandwiches,

yes please!


Sometimes, I wonder,

what the heck am I doing here?

I have never before lived somewhere where, in all this newness and confusion and soul-searching and God-seeking, I am so thankful for the little things.

For the one bagel shop in the city.

For the person who points out that I dropped my metro card.

For the Chinese teacher who chats with me at lunch.

For all the places I get to visit with my best friend.

For the sunshine that isn't quite like California sunshine but still manages to make the day brighter.

Shanghai is a place of




Shanghai, lately.

night strolls through beautifully lit streets
food and decor that makes our studio feel like home
doggie sightings
sunlight streaming through the streets of the Former French Concession
yoga in Fu Xing Park
October holiday shopping, sightseeing and tasting
presidential debates and homemade pumpkin spice lattes

Happy Fall! xoxo.

Shanghai, lately.

one of my 12th graders asked me if I could be their cheerleading coach (what??).
we've discovered the expat's paradise known as Shanghai Brewery.
i've tried jellyfish, sea cucumbers, and all sorts of strangely-textured foods at the teachers' banquet.
this week has been on the upswing, thankfully.
we're settling into this city more and more as the weeks go by.
making some new friends, finding the best local coffee shops, reading books on the metro.
i'm appreciating the cool, fall weather,
the super clean, easy, and safe metro system,
the simplicity of our lives right now --
not thinking about clothes, shopping, stuff,
just focused on making the most out of our time here.
tonight, i'm feeling blessed and relieved to have one not-so-stressful night this week,
and I think that's the best I can ask for.