Making Space: A Love Letter.

Hi, baby boy. We’re just about ready for you.


Your room is the only one in the house that is “finished.” I cleaned out the closet and drawers that you’ll share with your brothers. I saved only the beautiful and the useful. Each item has its place because there is a time and place for everything under heaven.


We finally bought a glider. You and I will spend a lot of time here – sitting quietly and nursing, or reading together with your brothers from one of the books in your mini-library. Or maybe mama will just sit here alone at night, watching you sleep, rocking back and forth, and remembering that the present carries its own rhythm.

We painted your room a seafoam blue and added some California vibes – a vintage wagon, a painting of Big Sur. You are one lucky boy to be able to grow up in Orange County. I hope your room reminds you to look for the beauty in your current surroundings. God made it for us to soak up and enjoy.

There are some blank spaces. These are intentional. Sometimes your eye just needs to rest. You need visual space to develop your imagination – there is always room to create.

The owl lamp is one that mom bought from Anthropologie years before you were born.  It wasn’t a purchase that made sense to anyone else – once, your uncle saw the price tag and pretended to drop it while helping us move. It was expensive, but I loved it, and I’m glad that it still fits somewhere in our house. Don’t be afraid to hold onto what speaks to your heart.


Almost everything in your room was a gift – your crib, the clothes in your closet, the pieces that add character to the space. Gifts carry love, tangibly, from the past into the present. You were loved before you were born, and you are loved now.

Love, Mom