The Pre-China Bucket List.

A month from today, we'll be in China.
It's unreal.

So, besides the boring packing/selling/storage of our stuff that has to happen in the next two weeks (oh, and you know, getting our visas and important things like that), we have lots on our bucket list and no days to spare.

The Abbreviated List:
kayaking in the Back Bay (again)
Disneyland (although there's always one in Hong Kong if we don't make the original)
homemade salted caramel ice cream
beach camping at San Onofre
brunch at Plum's
dinner at Bouchon (or at least some extra-large macarons from their Bakery)
sushi at Nanasan and/or Sugarfish
the drive-in movie theater
the truffle burger at Umami Burger
Pizza Port
bonfire at CDM
walking food tour of Laguna Beach
sunset happy hour at K'ya's rooftop lounge
Drybar/Manhattan Beach
Yo-Yo Ma at the Hollywood Bowl

And a couple things we've checked off:
times moves too quickly, but we plan on maxing out our California time while we can.