[their favorites] ali + elliot

Ali & I went to school together back in the day, and it has been so sweet keeping up with each other through our blogs. I thought it might be fun to get a glimpse into the adventures & favorites of other couples. Thanks so much for sharing, Ali!

Hi everyone!  Ali from The Gem State here.  I feel so honored that Ruth asked me to write a guest post for her!  Today I get to share with you all some of mine and husband's favorites!  I hope you get a small glimpse into who we are as a couple and also glean a bit of inspiration for your own relationship!  

their favorite date: 
Elliot and I would answer this question differently, I think.  My favorite date is one that involves Thai take out and any movie by Wes Anderson.  Elliot would likely say his favorite date is when we do something active together, like mountain biking or skiing.  Also, we both really like taking scenic drives with iced coffees and our camera in tow!

their favorite double date:
Elliot and I are fortunate to live in the Idaho Building in the heart of Downtown Boise.  One of the greatest things about our location is that the farmer's market literally sets up right outside our front door every Saturday!  Lately, Elliot and I have loved having friends over for brunch and then walking around the farmers market with them.  

their favorite restaurant/coffee shop:
By far, our favorite restaurant in Boise is Fork.  They're new in town, but their dessert menu includes warm sugar doughnuts that are divine!  Our favorite coffee shop is The Library, mostly because they have a whole wall of books you can take home, read, and bring back!  Plus, you can see practically see the butter in their cinnamon rolls ;)

their favorite holiday tradition:
We've only shared two Christmases as a married couple, but I would say our favorite tradition has become making good use of our vintage board game collection.  Sadly, I'm not too much of a board games kind of gal, but there's just something about Christmas that gets me in the mood to play vintage Clue.  I've meaning to get an Advent Calendar since we got married, so I'm hoping we can start making that a tradition this coming year.

their favorite random adventure:
Our favorite adventure would definitely have to be one of the weekend trips we've taken.  Elliot and I love living in Idaho and have made it a point to really see what our state has to offer.  A few weekends ago we packed up for Sun Valley and discovered why everyone is in love with the Saw Tooth Mountains!  

their favorite memory together:
Hm, this is a tough one!  I think our honeymoon probably wins out here, though ;)

their favorite thing to look forward to/dream about:
Our summer travel plans!  We love warm weather and have really enjoyed planning how to use our vacation time.  On our agenda thus far: a trip to Utah to do a photo session with Matt Clayton, an anniversary getaway (location TBD), a possible "boys only" mountain biking trip to Colorado, and a quick excursion to California for a wedding!  

their favorite things about each other:
My favorite things about Elliot are: his love for the Lord and his sensitivity to the leading of the Holy Spirit, the way he lives out his role as the spiritual leader of our family, his patience, and the way he takes care of his body.  Elliot is very aware of the importance of nutrition and keeping his body strong.  I feel blessed to have a husband that takes the time to take care of himself, which frees me to do the same!  

When I asked Elliot this question, his response was pretty straight-forward and true to male form: "your body."  Hah!

Ali's favorites: 
Recently, I've been really into Starbuck's Via Iced Coffees, any possible excuse to have brunch, rustic-modern decor, J Crew's new spring collection, Kevin Murphy hair products, and kick boxing.  In no particular order ;)

Elliot's favorites:
I've noticed that lately Elliot's really been into Jim Bean's cherry whiskey, brunch (yay!), sleeping backwards (i.e. with his head at the foot of the bed - yeah, i don't get it, either), and trying new sunglasses.  Seriously, I think he wants a new style of sunglasses every week.  Thank goodness Urban Outfitters carries a whole heap of them on the cheap!