introducing… the OC Surfer.

                        While at Roman Cucina the other night, I ordered an Italian Surfer martini (Malibu, Amaretto, pineapple juice, cranberry juice).

Aaaand, it was delicious.

[in case you couldn’t tell from my facial expression]


Husband decided to recreate the drink with the supplies we had on hand last night . Malibu, check. Amaretto, check. Juice of the required form, ummm no. Brilliant man that he is, he substituted the pineapple/cranberry juices with the homemade strawberry lemonade we had in the fridge.

results: amazing.

[we drank half before we even thought to take a picture. whoopsies!]


the mix:

1 part Malibu

1 part Amaretto

2 parts Strawberry Lemonade

Southern California love from our cocktail shaker to yours.