my life as a gyllenhammer [a.k.a. the good life].

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hi guys, it’s me, winston! life’s been pretty good over here in the villa. my favorites: daddy. mommy. pugly. pink dog [my girlfriend]. nights when I sleep with my head on the pillow, and mommy cuddles me. leftover corn chowder. bowls that ice cream was in. walks. air head popsicles. my safe place under the bed [crates are for fatties]. CHICKEN. I LOVE CHICKEN. chewing the drawstring of mom’s favorite sweatshirt. puppy naps. pooping on persian rugs at garage sales [mom said they were expensive, so you know, I had to give it a try]. fuzz [especially from the dryer, but also the dust balls I find on the patio… I don’t discriminate].

that’s all for now. more later,

winston gyllenhammer