this grateful heart.

In the all-day cooking fest that was Thanksgiving, I didn’t spend time reflecting on what I am thankful for. So here’s my list:
dishwashers – and pretty much any other automated cleaning device. my puppy, who takes every chance he get he  can get to jump in my lap. my full bookshelf – and for literacy and it’s importance in society. my new iPhone – because I don’t have to constantly “borrow” Dave’s camera anymore. this wave of contentment at that God has blessed me with, especially after some of my previous waves of consumerism and materialism. our tiny apartment, dirty carpet and all – so much love has happened here. family – for being in my face, challenging me constantly, and showing me just how powerful love is. for homemade cinnamon rolls – because they are life-changing, and I will never go back to those canned imitations. for girlfriends and book clubs and joint birthday parties – those make the world go ‘round. and Smartypigs – for making saving so easy. for the most patient husband there could ever be. Chinese classes – for reminding me that sometimes goals are just about working hard. for work, but also days off of work, when I can relax, study, eat breakfast, read a book, and think about so many of the things that I’m thankful for.