the spences.

it was so much fun getting a chance to take some pics of karli, nick, and lola for their christmas card! they are such a beautiful family, inside and out. i'm so excited to get to spend more time with them this year... starting with a triple date planned for sunday and a book club meeting with the girls the week after!  
we only had about 5 feet of space to move around in, but we still managed to find some little nooks to shoot in. the favorites:

the hoffmans.

we love the hoffmans. they're one of the coolest couples we know. steph & zach introduced us to bananagrams and cafe rio, and they are always game for hanging out, even when the activity is watching one of dave's notoriously and unintentionally awkward movie picks.

so when it came time to take christmas card pictures, we made a double date out of it. we took our cameras to a little place off the 133 and took turns taking pictures for each other. these are a few of my favorite snaps from the sesh.


[zach + elise] our friends got married!


Our sweet friends (who just happen to be our next door neighbors) got married last weekend! Zach and Elise got married at Red Horse Barn, which was a gorgeous venue that I had somehow overlooked in my own wedding location search. And their photographer, Levi Christiansen was actually the second photographer at our own wedding. Zach worked with husband, and we met Elise at one of their work events. It’s been pretty fab having them right next door for impromptu double dates and game nights… with many more to come.

Best wishes, Zach & Elise!

We love you, guys.

We were so honored (and of course, ecstatic) to be a part of this beautiful wedding celebration. A confession: I cried… many happy tears. And wedding season is just beginning.