[eats] Yen Sushi.

We’ve typically headed to chain-type restaurants for our sushi, but not too long ago, our friends/next-door neighbors introduced us to this well-priced neighborhood gem.

We really like it.

photo (33)photo (37)

Perk of sitting at the bar: getting to marvel at the slabs of raw fish.

photo (35)photo (32)

Husband loves his edamame. [I do, too. It’s addicting].

photo (34)photo (31)

Aren’t rainbow rolls just so, pretty? And those oranges.

dinner talk.

Sometimes, we get pizza & froyo and have conversations that go like this:

R: I really like the jewelry that you’ve been buying for me these days.

D: That’s because you picked them out.

[It’s true.]

photo (19)

photo (18)

I really like this bangle. and this ring. I wear them every day.

p.s. have you tried watermelon with the honeycomb yogurt? It’s my new favorite.

photo (15)photo (16)


guess who’s sick & trying not to be bitter about it? when I feel the bug coming on, I harness all of my preventative power in the form of cold-eeze, defense drops, orange juice, chicken noodle soup. and when that doesn’t work, I wallow in the epitome of comfort, food.

photo (6)photo (8)

so when D suggested that we use our coups (we love coups) for our own neighborhood Boudin, I hurried through my Chinese quiz, packed a box of tissues for my sniffles, and jumped in the car for some grilled cheese on sourdough and tomato soup. and girl at the counter must have felt sorry for me, because she threw in a couple of doosies, the technical term for icing sandwiched in between two chocolate chip cookies.

photo (7)photo (9)

we’ll be back, Boudin. maybe next time for the pot roast in a bread bowl. YUM.

over & out. xoxo.