a reminder for the new year.

i've been thinking about the upcoming new year. i've broken out my new planner, made a few lists, but in the end, i'm a visual person, so photos win. i made this mini-inspiration board to remind myself of the little joys that i want next year to be filled with:

home-cooked meals
champagne with appetizers & wine with dinner
book club meetings
long conversations
journaling. lots of it.
reading in bed
the peace & simplicity of being home
scented candles
beauty. beauty. beauty.
intellectual challenges
hard work
husband. winston. family.

this next year, i'm choosing to be more grounded. to look around me at what i already have.  to practice contentment and simplicity. to really take the time to enjoy a meal, a conversation, a book, a project. i'm choosing to make art, to give my full attention to things that matter to me, to read more, learn more. i'm choosing to appreciate beauty in small doses: a vase of fresh flowers, a campfire-scented candle, a stack of unread books. i'm choosing to spend less: less time, less money, less energy... on things that just aren't as important. i'm giving myself permission to decide when to hibernate, work, play. i'm giving myself permission to do my own thing. i'm choosing to value my time, my money, my energy, my resources. i'm choosing to make 2012 the best year yet.