our bay area vacation in iphone photos [part one]

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This past week, we house/dog-sitted for a great couple I’ve known from middle school. Winston got a few lessons in puppy social skills, and we had some time to relax in the cutest little bungalow. Of course I took way too many iPhone pics. Highlights (there were lows too, like um, visits from an unfriendly neighbor, but vacations are about focusing on the fun) from the first part of the week :

  • mango & sticky rice (world’s best dessert) in downtown Walnut Creek
  • homemade happy hour with brie and muscato
  • homecooked dinners
  • early evening walks with the pack (Lucy, Ellie, and our little guy)
  • cookie-sized macarons from Bouchon
  • reunions with old friends
  • smoked tri-tip lunches and leisurely drives
  • a HUGE scoop of ice cream from San Francisco Creamery
  • studying for the GRE outdoors in the sunshine
  • glasses of wine in the evening (from Cupcake Vineyards, of course)
  • randomly finding a cafe and realizing it was Tartine (their bread pudding was the best I’ve ever had, and the Mexican wedding cookies were delicious)
  • ordering in pizza and quality time with our little guy (and his new doggie friends)

Not pictured:

  • Stonehouse olive oil and endless food discoveries in the Ferry building
  • cinnamon rolls for breakfast on multiple mornings
  • morning strolls downtown
  • afternoon naps in a bed v. afternoon naps sitting upright in a van in traffic on the 405
  • quality time with my sweet parents

Crazy how days just fly by. More photos to come.