oh, hey June. you really snuck up on me, but i'm excited for you nonetheless. 

you're like my personal progress marker, reminding me that whatever else i want to accomplish this year, i have 6 more months to do it.
and that i also have 6 more months until i turn 25.
i'm feeling pretty good about everything these last months have brought, but i have a feeling there are more good things in store.
and even though you are mild and somewhat gloomy, you can't trick me out of knowing that summer has arrived. 
these longer days are rocking my world. 
i especially like how the run rises over my 5:30 a.m. commute and stays up long enough for me to make dinner and do yoga before bed.
you're also the bearer of fun things like my BFF's wedding.
and glad things like my grandpa's trip into heaven.
i'm thankful for the reminder there's a lot to love/do/be in such a short amount of time.
so June, i'm glad you're here. i'll enjoy you while you last.

[image via aubreyrd from femme run]