r & d.


R:UCLA alum [international development studies & economics]. California girl. loves husband, Winston, breve mistos, food adventures,taking pictures, and travel.

D: Soon-to-be Merage School grad [wealth management & entrepreneurship]. banker, fellow adventurer, possibly the most interesting man in the world.

We met in college, became the best friends, and got married on July 3, 2009 against a backdrop of Southern California sunshine and rolling hills, surrounded by our wonderful family and friends. After moving to Orange County (though R spends half of her time in Westwood) and settling into our new apartment, we fell in love with a little tibetan spaniel named Winston and made him ours.

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café au lait + honey is a blog [nickname by husband to describe our little family: R & D make up the misto, with Winston as the honey] about our adventures in life, food & travel.

Hope you enjoy reading, and if you care to, get in touch with me at ruth.g.gyllenh[at]gmail[dot]com.