my baby munchkin turned one!

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My puppy baby turned a year old this past Sunday! I can’t believe that how fast the little guy has grown… he didn’t even weigh two pounds when we got him. He makes us so happy every day with his furry cuddles and nuzzles and endless puppy kisses. We can’t imagine life without this precious fur ball as a part of our little family.

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happy birthday, Winston!!!

you want somma this?


“Mom likes to call me ‘the little guy.’ So I’m here on the blog to set things straight. I may be little, and yes, I do hide under pillows on the bed when dad decides to vacuum (have you heard that thing? it’s scary!!), but I’m a big kid now. One time, I barked at my cousin Clyde so ferociously that I propelled myself backwards. That was a rookie mistake. I’ve learned to take more initiative with my bark and hold my ground. I now bark at big dogs, little dogs, and ducks (just in case). My motto: no fear. And if that doesn’t work, I’ve perfected this face. I think it says, ‘Don’t mess.’ Talk to my toy turtle if you think I’m kidding… he doesn’t have any stuffing left, and I’m still not done with him.

Well, that’s all for now. I’ll be back later.

Winston Gyllenhammer (p.s. Grandpa thinks it’s funny that I have a last name, but I’m practically a person, so it’s ok).”

our little kitchen helper.

Who needs to rinse the dishes when you’ve got this little guy?

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He does such a good job getting every dish spotless. And he always comes back to make sure they are clean. It’s the least he can do when we’re paying off his puppy credit card, he says.

p.s. the best medicine? kisses & cuddles from my favorite pup when husband is at work. so thankful.

r & d.


R:UCLA alum [international development studies & economics]. California girl. loves husband, Winston, breve mistos, food adventures,taking pictures, and travel.

D: Soon-to-be Merage School grad [wealth management & entrepreneurship]. banker, fellow adventurer, possibly the most interesting man in the world.

We met in college, became the best friends, and got married on July 3, 2009 against a backdrop of Southern California sunshine and rolling hills, surrounded by our wonderful family and friends. After moving to Orange County (though R spends half of her time in Westwood) and settling into our new apartment, we fell in love with a little tibetan spaniel named Winston and made him ours.

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café au lait + honey is a blog [nickname by husband to describe our little family: R & D make up the misto, with Winston as the honey] about our adventures in life, food & travel.

Hope you enjoy reading, and if you care to, get in touch with me at ruth.g.gyllenh[at]gmail[dot]com.